The Color of Clean

“Green” The word means much more than it did even just a few years ago. Outside of the classroom, “green” is not just a favorite color anymore; it’s a way of thinking, acting and living. From major manufacturers exploiting new energy alternatives, to neighborhood recycling programs, “Green” is coloring the world a better place.

At Pūrleve™, we’re helping in the growing global green initiative. All of our products have been designed to take advantage of next-generation green technology without sacrificing quality and functionality. Our No Water Urinal Systems save up to 100% of water consumed in typical urinals and our Less Water Systems use a fraction of the water consumed in the standard urinals. Both systems also leverage ZERO power sources which saves in electricity and wasteful batteries used on other water urinal systems. Last, the maintenance time and materials required for our No Water and Less Water Systems is much less than the standard urinal. Specific to our Hygienic Door Handle Systems, each of our three product categories incorporates a low-power system and reduced battery consumption to efficiently drive the ASD technology held within. The antibacterial sleeve material that each dispenser advances is 100% recyclable, and Pūrleve’s refills use no paper and produce almost zero waste.

And as we move forward in our progressive development cycle at Pūrleve, we do so with our green commitment always top of mind. New products and accessories will reflect our environmentally friendly corporate stance, starting with a rechargeable power supply for the Pūrleve Hygienic Door Handle System. In addition, continued research will help us to further meet our green goals, with potential advancements to include an alternative, biodegradable sleeve material we hope to add to our product line in the very near future.

At Pūrleve we’re doing our part for the environment—making it an easy choice to be clean and green