Clean and Green is Universal

From the bustling mall restroom to the quaint neighborhood bistro, the busy airport to the high-end office complex, conserving expensive energy and minimizing cross contamination of germs is the ultimate daily goal. As a large proportion of water and electricity are used (and often wasted) in the restroom, the market is requiring products that maximize energy conservation without sacrificing product function and hygiene. Last, Germs have no particular allegiance to their surroundings. Any old (or new) handle will do. The cross-contamination problem is of global proportions, transcending any geographic boundaries.

Fortunately, Pūrleve™ and ZeroFlush™ is up to the challenge to continue innovating the battle against harmful bacteria and the waste of the Earth’s precious energy resources doesn’t play favorites, either. Our line of No Water Urinals and Less Water Systems will ensure that the patrons needs are satisfied without sacrificing quality, user experience and costs. Our Hygienic Door Handle Solution provides patrons of any type of environment a pure alternative to the dirty, germy handle standing between them and a clean escape. With three distinct categories to choose from, there’s a Pūrleve product that fits—on any kind of door, in every kind of place. Because at Pūrleve, we believe cleaner, greener, healthier environments should be waiting behind every door.

  • Hospitals/healthcare
  • Higher Education and Day Care
  • Restaurants/foodservice
  • Office buildings
  • Theaters
  • Malls
  • Factories
  • Cruise lines
  • Airlines/public transportation
  • Hotels and Resorts