Coronavirus Found on Door Handle

Door handle at home of Chinese patient tests positive for coronavirus

Diligent hand hygiene strongly advised by Chinese health official

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TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — The China Guangzhou Center for Disease Control and Prevention said recently that a DNA sample collected from the door handle at the home of a novel coronavirus patient tested positive for the disease.

This instance in the southern Chinese province is the first time the virus has been detected outside the body of a patient , so health experts are advising people to be diligent about hand hygiene.

Zhang Zhoubin (張周斌), deputy director of the Guangzhou Center for Disease Control and Prevention, told local media that the virus is primarily spread through airborne droplets and can also be transmitted through direct or indirect contact with infected objects. People will expose themselves to an increased risk of infection if they eat or rub their eyes after touching with their hands objects compromised by the virus.

Another health official in Beijing said at a press briefing on Monday (Feb. 3) that the virus can survive on indoor surfaces for up to five days.

Zhang advises that cellphone displays, computer mouses and keyboards, and faucets all should be diligently sanitized to avoid getting sick.