Proper Hand Hygiene and Healthy Habits Best Line of Defense against Swine Flu – Pürleve hygienic door handles combat the transmission of swine flu –

MILWAUKEE – (May 1, 2009) – The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has confirmed 109 reports of swine flu in the U.S. The World Health Organization (WHO) reports 331 cases worldwide and has elevated the pandemic threat level to five on a six-step scale.  While media attention has focused primarily on infection control in large public areas, a smaller public venue that can serve as a haven for germs also needs consideration – the restroom.

“Research finds that only one out of three people wash their hands after leaving the restroom, and of those people only 50 percent wash their hands properly,” said Todd Muderlak, president, Pürleve.  “The irony is that we cannot force others to be hygienic and wash their hands; however, regardless how hard we try to avoid the germs and sickness we are FORCED to grab the same door handle that so many have touched before.  The restroom is used for all sorts of reasons that lead to hygienic concerns. This results in many germs that can pass easily from a person infected with all types of viruses, such as the swine flu, to common surfaces like a door handle which everyone entering or leaving must touch.  Considering the current pandemic concerns, business owners can protect their customers’ and employees’ health by providing a safe, hygienic environment.”

According to the CDC, swine flu is spread just like the seasonal flu; person-to-person and object-to-person.  To better fight the spread of germs, Purleve offers the Pürleve Hygienic Door Handle.  The Pürleve Hygienic Door Handle functions like all other door handles; however, it offers an innovative bonus: proprietary Automatic Sleeve Dispenser (ASD) technology that automatically advances antimicrobial sleeves over the handle after each use.  The ‘never been touched’ door handle allows for a clean escape for all patrons from the restroom and thus minimizes cross contamination and promotes a facility’s image as a clean, healthy environment.

“Door handle sanitation in restrooms can provide all customers and employees an additional level of protection,” Muderlak said.  “Leveraging our hygienic door handle solution, building occupants are no longer affected by the questionable hygiene habits of all the persons who have used the restroom before them and can avoid possible contact with the swine flu.”

In addition to providing a safer, more inviting environment, the Pürleve Hygienic Door Handle also contributes to a restroom’s cleanliness and reduces overall maintenance costs.  Restroom users recognize the door handle is a potential bastion of bacteria and sickness.  Therefore, many use numerous sheets of paper towels or wadded up toilet paper as a barrier between themselves and the handle.  This results in either rapidly filled waste baskets or most commonly people dispose of the paper on the floor upon exiting, which can lead to a dirty mess and increase in the use and cost of paper towels and toilet paper.  The rapidly filled waste baskets and additional mess on the floor also requires greater cleaning time, and therefore can increase labor costs.

“Ultimately, businesses need to create a safe, clean environment for their customers and employees,” Muderlak said.  “Our cost-effective and simple-to-use product provides business owners a solution for giving their customers and employees a small of peace of mind during this outbreak while also protecting them against common germs that dirty our restrooms daily.”

About Purleve
Based in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Pürleve innovates, manufactures and markets hygienic door handles and other hygienic systems for high-traffic areas designed to limit the spread of bacteria.  Pürleve Hygienic Door Handles feature proprietary Automatic Sleeve Dispenser (ASD) technology that automatically advances antimicrobial sleeves over the handle after each use and can help any facility fulfill its commitment to creating a hygienic, healthy and hands-free environment.  Pürleve minimizes cross contamination, helps contain costs and promotes a facility’s image as a clean, healthy environment to its customers and employees.  For more information, visit

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