Pūrleve™ Hygienic Door Handle Makes a Big Splash At Las Vegas’ International Sanitary Supply Association (ISSA) Convention.

“A Cleaner World is Within Reach.” That’s the mantra of the innovators at Pürleve. And with the introduction of their revolutionary new sanitary door handle product of the same name – unveiled at last week’s ISSA/INTERCLEAN tradeshow in Las Vegas – the dream seems to be a little closer to reality. Pürleve utilizes a proprietary Automatic Sleeve Dispenser (ASD) technology that fully advances a self-contained sleeve of antibacterial-treated material onto the door handle after every use. The product, presented in all three of its current design categories, was on display to the World for the first time at the Las Vegas convention center from September 8 – 11, 2008, and crowds lined up to see the innovation in action.

Larry Glazer, Vice President of Sales at Pürleve, is no stranger to ISSA, one of the largest and most international trade show for the cleaning industry. Yet, even he was taken aback by the response to Pürleve.

“I have been to 30 ISSA shows and five Interclean shows and I have never received more positive comments about a new, innovative product in all these years,” remarks Glazer. “I knew our product would help solve a very real public health concern, but I couldn’t anticipate the overall excitement from the distributors and end users that came to the booth. It has been overwhelming.”

Belgian Importer Bruno Ianna, a 30-year veteran of the sanitation industry who represents companies throughout Europe, agrees. “When I started talking to my customers about the Pürleve door handle months ago, they were interested,” states Ianna. “Now that they have seen it, they’re ecstatic!”

Todd Muderlak, who is the President of the Milwaukee-based Xela (pronounced “Shayla”) Innovations that is responsible for creating the product and the company that produces it, also had an enthusiastic response.

“We knew this product would result In a great deal of interest,” says President Todd Muderlak. “With people increasingly aware of the threat that restrooms and other public areas pose to their families, Pürleve simply answers a huge demand that, to date, has been all but ignored.”

Statistics certainly back up the company’s claims. Current estimates indicate that over 80% of infectious illnesses are transmitted by touch. Yet, recent reports indicate that one in three people don’t wash their hands after using a public restroom.

The health concerns of cross-contamination have led to many modern advances in restroom hygiene, including touch-free flushers, faucets and soap dispensers. Still, the company maintains, nothing has adequately addressed the door handle that presents the final infested surface that visitors to restrooms and other public facilities must face.

“The popularity of the other automated hygiene products indicated to us the real-world need for a sanitary door handle solution that would complete the cycle and provide Away-From-Home patrons with a clean, safe exit,” remarked Muderlak.

If the overall interest of visitors to Pürleve’s booth is any indication, the company seems to have created the perfect product to answer the challenge – and meet the demand.